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Clint Eastwood Portrait Manipulation

This is a Digital portrait of Clint Eastwood which I manipulated using photoshop using the mask tool. I used a smoke effect to create a texture on his face which seems like teared or burned skin Advertisements

Fighting the Nothingness (With Font)

This is the same image with the added font. Like i said before I had to choose a font which complimented the image so i went with a space font which is very futuristic. The name of the downloaded font is ‘Courier’.

Fighting the Nothingness( Without Font)

This was an exercise which focused on a title ‘Fighting the Nothingness’. This was done using photoshop but it started with a pencil drawing. We focused also on Typography so I had to choose a font which complimented the image produced. As an image i focused mainly on the Void in space and how we […]

Social Media Report

Social Media Report By reading this article it has led me to believe that the author is obsessed by the notion of interaction between our art and others. He says that in order to get a correlation between us and our art social media has to be involved and this can be used to our […]

Incubation Illustration in Progress…

        This is an illustration in progress done by photoshop linking to my theme of Immortality.

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