Social Media Report

Social Media Report

By reading this article it has led me to believe that the author is obsessed by the notion of interaction between our art and others. He says that in order to get a correlation between us and our art social media has to be involved and this can be used to our advantage but in some cases not. In my opinion it is important to know certain knowledge, which doesn’t have to be related directly to art because this can help you achieve something new.

Some people like to stay on traditional media but in my opinion science and art or any other topic which co relates with art are the new thing and the future of art. So in my case if I don’t know certain specifications of the work I do, I keep close contacts so that they could help me or give me good advise. By this way I can place and plot each piece of the puzzle, which eventually would come together in the end as the finished work. However, if the knowledge you acquire you use it to better your art than it is that talent which could present an innovative piece which can be either interactive or not with the viewer and also he can appreciate it’s complexity and flawless precision and how much thought and effort you have put in it.


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